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Since first merging onto the Information Highway, I have harbored doubts as to whether scholarship could long survive the digital age. Google makes it so, so easy to skim the surface of a given subject, lighting here for this weighty quote, there for that purloined insight. Who could say whether a work is the product  Continue Reading »

Sarah Gerard’s second book is a blending of personal essay, deeply researched journalism, and sudden, gutting truths. In the title essay, Gerard writes of a green-cheeked conure she and her husband adopted: “She chewed everything… She sought out our wounds and pulled at them, then groomed open the flesh even wider. She had a taste  Continue Reading »

When I Grow Up is the backdrop to an exhibition of BUREAU SPECTACULAR’s work, entitled insideoutsidebetweenbeyond, currently on view at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. BUREAU SPECTACULAR is an operation of architectural affairs founded and led by Jimenez Lai since 2008. It is located in Los Angeles. BUREAU SPECTACULAR imagines other worlds and  Continue Reading »