The Miami Rail provides critical coverage of arts, politics and culture.

By way of the Greek krinein, criticism is to call into crisis – to draw out the dialectic heart of the matter in any received idea. It is not a tool or a diversion. It is a fundamental, irreducible, absolute and essential approach to art and the world.

Miami is not just a place. Miami is a crisis. And The Miami Rail not just a publication, but a call to participate in the exquisite dimensions of that crisis. The writers we commission will rail against complacency, rail against ignorance, rail against the instrumentalization of our city as just another tourist destination. We will champion Miami as a boundless idea of diversity, innovation, free speech and art; an axis of the United States, Caribbean and Latin America; its verdant landscape ground zero for exploration and change.

Editor in Chief
Alexandra Cunningham Cameron

Visual Arts Editor
Matthew Abess

Literary Editor
Patricia Engel

Reviews Editor
Erin Thurlow

Music Editor
John Henry Dale

Editors at Large
Richard Massey
Ana Menéndez
Gean Moreno

Advisory Editors
Hunter Braithwaite
Nicolas Lobo

Production Editor
Christina Drill

Editorial Intern
Lingyue Zheng


Board of Directors
James L. Bodnar, Chair
John Joseph Lin, Secretary
Leslie Lott, Treasurer
Phong Bui
Viviane de Kuyper
Lauren Gnazzo
Tommy Ralph Pace

Nina Johnson Milewski
Phong Bui


The Miami Rail
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The Miami Rail reproduces the Rail © with the express permission of the Brooklyn Rail, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit incorporated in Brooklyn, NY and founded in October 2000, of which the Miami Rail is an editorially independent expansion.

The Miami Rail is sponsored in part by the Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Council on Arts and Culture and Miami Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs.