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PART VIII: EREBUS AND NYX If there was a man named Constantin Bălănescu, I never knew him. If this man occupied a not insignificant role in the diplomatic services of the Romania People’s Republic and went by the diminutive “Costel,” he and I never met. To me, to his family, and to his friends, the  Continue Reading »

We show up, years beyond the animus, in the places that managed to keep them adrift or away from home— the pubs and hash-‘n’-eggs counters in other cities that answered our mothers’ where the hell is he before we learned and before where worked itself into why. Maybe we show up with them, indulging the  Continue Reading »

At the start of the 1954 season, a new amusement park opened up across the road from Aquafair. Aquafair’s owner, Mr. Rooks, has been trying week after week to sabotage the new park with the help of his right-hand man Lafe. A family emergency calls Rooks away, and Lafe is left to tend the park  Continue Reading »