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In between his Coachella weekend performances, Flume, the 22-year-old Aussie electronic music producer, made his way to Miami to play to a fully packed Grand Central in Downtown. The artist, also known as Harley Edward Streten, has had an action packed 2013—touring globally, collaborating with famous DJ’s and even winning four ARIA Music Awards, including Producer of the Year. Flume spoke with The Rail before his two-hour set, discussing his current endeavors, new fame, EDM recognition and future tour plans. (FYI, The interview reads best while streaming this mixtape).

THE MIAMI RAIL: How did you initially become involved in DJing and producing music?

FLUME: I used to DJ at my friends’ house parties. That’s really how I got into it at first. Producing music was more of my hobby, and now it’s my job.

RAIL: Who are your musical influences?

FLUME: I love all types of music, but I’d say my influences are mostly house and dance music.

RAIL: What are the differences you have seen between the American DJ scene and Australian DJ scene?


Photo: Lisa Frieling

FLUME: It kind of feels like I was playing Australia when house music was really fresh. It has been a lot of fun and things have been really crazy, especially in the States.

RAIL: You just played Coachella. How was that?

FLUME: Coachella was fantastic. It is one of my favorite sets of all time. It kind of feels like it’s a ride. I played in a tent and the whole thing was crazy full with dozens and dozens of people. I could feel the energy; that was very cool.

RAIL: I saw that you will be playing at the Mad Decent Block Party tour this summer. What up and coming venues are you most excited about?

FLUME:  I am gearing up tomorrow morning to go Austin, Texas, then Denver in a few days. Every single day is a different place and every single place is different. It’s interesting because you don’t get to see much of the places you go too. I have been to Miami a few times now, but I don’t really know the place if that makes any sense. My passport is pretty crazy, but most of the places you don’t get to check out. I think I am most excited to go to Red Rocks on the next tour.

RAIL: I also saw that you just were in Chile for Lollapalooza. How was that experience?

FLUME: It was really fun. I had two weeks in Chile, Brazil and Argentina and I had some time to spend. I’ve never played in South America before. Everyone was really excited.

RAIL: Being from the same part of the world, I’m sure many wonder about your musical collaboration with New Zealand pop star, Lorde.  Do you have intentions of collaborating with her in the future?

FLUME: It’s funny because a lot of American people think she is from Australia. We send our music back and forth to each other. I have done some remixes with her. Actually, one will be coming out next weekend at Coachella so that will be exciting. She’s really talented.

RAIL: What do you see for yourself in the future? What’s your plan?

FLUME: Right now my plan is to kind of ride the wave I’m on, write a few albums and then maybe do something different. I know I want to keep producing music because that’s what I’m passionate about. There are so many different things I want too do. I’m happy riding this wave for now though.