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Miami Light and Texture

Hunter Braithwaite

Gamaleil Herrera, Quaternity Series #18, 2013 and Dazzle Kite, 2012.

Curated by Kathryn Mikesell
65 NW 24th St, Wynwood

For her curatorial debút, Kathryn Mikesell of the Fountainhead Residency and Studios selected 115 pieces by local artists influenced by “Miami’s palette, luminosity, and texture.” Seems like a softball pitch, but light and texture is a lot to take on. Down here, it’s up there with Sein und Zeit (right Haden?). That golden hour when the buildings swell, when the light melts flesh like Häagen-Dazs, the grit and rub of stucco and oolite, you know the deal. Calling this city superficial isn’t insulting, it’s taxonomic. But you gotta back it up. To live inside cliché you must be honest. Here is every artist in the show, and the light and texture associated with each, in alphabetical order. Visualize:

Marco Beria
Light: Refracted (by the surface of water?)
Texture: Stella; sawgrass

Jim Drain
Light: Watercolor spilled on a first-grade desktop
Texture: Goodwill®

Carla Fache
Light: Crockett
Texture: Tubbs

Nereida Garcia-Ferraz
Light: Sfumato
Texture: Room with a view

Gamaliel Herrera
Light: Chain-dangling luminaire
Texture: On Exacto Blades in Science

Alex Heria
Light: Landscape
Texture: Photography

Moira Holohan
Light: Macramé
Texture: Joseph Cornell’s chest of drawers

Juan Raul Hoyos
Light: Captiva Island
Texture: Melo Group

Regina Jestrow
Light: Warp
Texture: Weft

Andrea Nhuch
Light: Looking into an open mouth
Texture: The tongue

Jessie Nite:
Light: A bunch of pills spelling out bored
Texture: A bunch of pills spelling out bored

Temisan Okpaku
Light: Wachowski Bros.
Texture: Climate, controlled

Marisa Telleria
Light: Evaporating breath on Ikea veneer
Texture: Particle board

Juana Valdes
Light: China
Texture: Slip

Skip Van Cell
Light: Google Street View
Texture: Post no bills